In the UK, launched a bus that cleans the air

Urban public transport (if it is not, of course, electric) throws a lot of harmful substances into the environment. But even if we make the transport environmentally friendly – this will not save us from the fact that the already polluted air will not go anywhere. This problem was solved by representatives of Go-Ahead, who launched a bus that would clean the air on the streets of one of the UK cities.


The residents of the southern British town Southampton were lucky enough to take part in the experiment. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is one of the most polluted cities in the UK due to the huge number of vehicles operating on diesel fuel, so the choice is justified.

Pall Aerospace specialists developed a special filter for installation on the roof of the bus from the Bluestar lineup. The filter looks like a big car spoiler. He starts his work when the bus starts moving. Harmful particles settle on the filter, and clean air is produced at the exit.

It may seem that the volume of air cleared is insignificant, but far from it. According to the developers, in the course of the bus, subject to regular travel, the route is cleaned up to 10 meters above the road surface. Moreover, the presence of a large filter on the roof of the bus does not in any way interfere with the movement of the vehicle and its passengers. Also, according to experts, if you install such filters on the entire bus park of Southampton – the air in the city would be completely cleaned several times a year. According to David Brown, head of Go-Ahead,

“With our project we want to show that buses are not just vehicles. They can also be used to solve environmental problems. In particular, for air purification in urban space. ”


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