Created material that produces hydrogen fuel using artificial photosynthesis

In the course of the evolution and development of species, nature has “invented” a number of very interesting processes that are extremely difficult to reproduce even with the current development of technologies. One of these processes is photosynthesis – an extremely advantageous mechanism from the energy point of rhenium. And, it seems, a group of researchers from China and the UK was able to discover material that is suitable for producing hydrogen fuel by means that is quite similar to photosynthesis. This makes the whole of humanity one step closer to the generation of clean energy.

According to the China Daily, researchers from the University of Liverpool, University College London and East China University of Science and Technology are responsible for the development. A new material (which does not even have a name yet) works when sunlight hits it and can divide water into its constituent parts — oxygen and hydrogen.

using only sunlight. ”- stated one of the leading authors of the work, Wang Xiaoyang.

The process of the so-called artificial photosynthesis has been known for a long time and is called“ photocatalytic splitting ”. The only problem here is that the majority of such developments, although they performed the task, turned out to be economically unprofitable. Moreover, the by-product of such reactions was CO2, which makes the resulting energy not entirely environmentally friendly.

A group of scientists led by Wang rather strongly modified the photocatalytic splitting process, developing a new kind of inorganic catalyst for water splitting reactions. At this time, their colleagues from Liverpool synthesized organic material based on sulfur, which is able to “launch” the process like photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight and without the formation of CO2. By combining two promising developments, experts have obtained catalysts that produce water splitting much more efficiently than all known analogues. Now scientists are conducting the latest tests of the new technology and making calculations on the economic efficiency of their developments. And if the results are positive, it will be another confirmation that energy can be obtained without harming the environment.

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