How to create a coolness in the house with the help of physics


With the onset of hot summer weather, millions of people around the world include air conditioners. However, for the saving coolness, you have to pay twice – literally – money, paying huge bills for used energy, and sometimes your health.

But it turns out that if you strain the gyrus a little, or even just use the ready-made “recipes”, you can save energy and save health, having received a long-awaited cool in return. So, there are two simple ways to create coolness without an air conditioner using the laws of physics.

1. Draft “one-level”


If the breeze blows in the street, open the window on the leeward side and the window opposite, while in the first case you can limit the window, and in the second – open the window completely. There is a draft that blows through the whole room. If there are several rooms, you should blow them, alternately opening and closing the doors.

But what if there is total calm outside? Then you will have to create an artificial draft with the help of a much more economical fan compared to the air conditioning. The scheme is very simple: the fan facing the inside of the room (suction) is installed on the window sill facing the cool (non-sunny) side, and the second, the exhaust fan – on the window sill of the opposite window. As a result, cool air from the street will fill the room, ousting the stagnant warm outside.

2. Skvoznjak “many-storeyed”


If the house has several floors, for example, two, then you need to open the windows on the lower floor from the shady side and after that – on the top floor. A pressure difference forms and a lighter warm air “runs” outward, dragging cool air from below. Thus, there will be a natural cooling of the room.

In the same way you can ventilate the attic. To do this, create ventilation holes for the inflow and outflow of air in the upper part of it. It is worth remembering that attic coolness will cool and upper floors.

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