Blue Origin began to develop the lunar landing module

Founder of Amazon, head of Blue Origin and part-time richest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos passionately burst out with ideas of sending a spacecraft to the Moon and colonizing space. Business Insider, which received a letter from the internal mailing for company employees, reports that Blue Origin has introduced a “conceptual design for a large lunar module.” In the future, the device will be able to deliver people to the lunar surface, as well as several tons of payload.


The project is called Blue Moon. Its main task will be to search the Earth’s satellite for water and other resources that will be used in the manufacture of rocket fuel. Conversations that the company began to stare at the moon began to go back in 2017, but the details of the program are still being worked out. It is also unknown when the first space launches will take place in the direction of the satellite of our planet. But it is already known that the company began developing a lunar landing module (the concept image can be viewed above).

The company recognizes the exploration of the moon as the first logical step in its strategy. To fulfill the blueprint, Blue Origin will support the new Moon Race organization created by Airbus. This project will be an analogue of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition to create a lunar module. Unfortunately, the winner in the latter has not been determined, because the contestants did not have time to set the deadline.

Moon Race will support not only the developers of the landing modules, but also other projects related to the development of the lunar economy. These include the production of energy and the cultivation of food on Earth’s satellite, as well as the creation of lunar infrastructure.

A published letter also revealed that Blue Origin had signed a cooperation agreement on the Blue Moon project with OHB S, a European corporation engaged in spacecraft design. and its subsidiary MT Aerospace.

“For the future of our children and grandchildren, you need to create favorable living conditions on Earth and allow millions of people to live and work in space,” the letter said.

In earlier interviews, Bezos also said that he wanted to make Blue Origin an analog courier services UPS and FedEx, only in the field of space transportation. The company promises to reduce launch costs and make the industry entry threshold lower.

Illustration of the Blue Origin launch of the New Glenn rocket

Bezoss invests $ 1 billion each year in the development of Blue Origin, which he gets from selling Amazon shares. This money goes to the development of the New Shepard tourist suborbital rocket, as well as the development of the new Glenn larger reusable rocket system, the first launch of which is to take place in 2020. In addition, the company is developing the New Armstrong super-heavy launch vehicle, but details about it are still unknown.

All these projects do not bring any company profit yet. However, the probability is high that in the coming years Blue Origin will begin to collect cream. Already in 2019, the company promises to send the first tourists into space. In addition, Bezos was awarded a contract to develop the BE-4 engine for the new Vulcan rocket from the United Launch Alliance.

Static tests of the BE-4 methane engine

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