Barbie doll has become an engineer and teaches children programming


The life of one of the most recognizable dolls in the world, the legendary Barbie, is more than 60 years old, for which about two hundred doll modifications for different professions were produced. The new version, which appeared this week, is a software engineer who not only visualizes the demanded profession, but also helps educate children about the basics of IT.

According to the US Department of the Economy, in this country in 2017, women occupied only 24% of the places in the direction of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). To remedy the situation, the staff should be prepared for childhood, and with the help of dolls too. To do this, Barbie turned into a kind of mentor, a senior colleague, who helps children to get used to the software platform Tynker.

Tynker is an open environment for learning the principles of programming for the youngest. It is presented in the form of applications for mobile OS, where children use command blocks to learn how to build algorithms, manage drawn robots, and solve logical problems. In the kit with Barbie-engineer there are six new free lessons for this environment.

Barbie IT-shnik itself reflects the modern idea of ​​the dress code of the startup engineer. Rubbed jeans, the same jacket, a shirt with a print “these spots from last year” and the necessary protective glasses. Plus an important element, the long hair of the dolls are put away in safe hairstyles, which should motivate the kids to keep an eye on their appearance while working.

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